This is a compilation of the articles I’ve written broken into categories. I realised how hard it is to find them in the blog “matrix” and thus have plucked them out and asked them to stand in line. Happy reading and God bless!


My Testimony

Watch the Lamb – Ray Boltz

“We do not well”

Leadership: Rise and Fall

3 Steps to Walk Closer with God

The Two Patients

The Adulterous Woman (Albert Camus)

3 Stones you Must Know to Reach your God-given Destiny

“I thought”

God is a Matchmaker

“What is that in your hand?”

Just Start Believing!

The Greatest Sinner meets the Greatest Conversion

When God “messes” up our plans

Ships and Churches

Picking Up the Broken Glass

A Lesson from Roti Pratas

I Disagree with Malcolm Gladwell in “David and Goliath”

“Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

How Can I Know Who to Marry?

How to Study your Bible: Asking the 6 W’s

Praying the Psalms

Should God Give you Everything you Want?

Heaven Scares Me

God’s PhD Program

4 things that can’t bring you into Heaven but 1 thing that can

The Deceitful Heart

Cleaning our Spiritual Ears

5 Things Before I’m Impressed by Her

“You can’t get home if you haven’t been safe.”

The Costliness of Service

Going to the Spiritual Gym Anyone?

“Brother, did you receive God’s call?”

Hunting the Right Treasure

“The last part of a man to be converted is his wallet.”

George Stott (One-legged missionary to China)

When God Seems Slow

Does God’s inbox ever get full?

Keep Calm and Pray On

How to be attractive: Moving past big boobs and Barbie doll looks

How far would you go to obey God?

What is your Greatest Joy?

Reading the Bible with Imagination

Moving with God

Church Camp Reflections

The Dangers of being a Domesticated Christian

Dr Alexander Duff’s Call to Missions

The Purpose of the Wilderness

The Differences between Salvation and Rewards

Good or Worthless Deeds?

The Secret to Battling Pride

“Peddling the Word of God for Profit”

Enoch Walked with God

3 Imputations in the Bible

Relying on God

Missions: Why should we do it?

The Day God Eavesdropped

Lending to the Lord

The Sin Virus

Elements of Salvation: Blood

Elements of Salvation: Person and Grace

Decision making and God’s Will

Reflections on 2015

The White Rag

The Law in Creation

Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Give of your best to the Master

Tuhan Yesus Setia (Video)

Paid in Full or Downpayment?

“Shadow of the good things to come”

House on the Rock 

Procrustes and Bible Interpretation

“He must increase, I must decrease”

Fireside chat with my pastor

Missionary Principles Series

Ministry Lessons from John the Baptist

God’s Fire and Hammer

“They did not inquire of the Lord”

Jesus, Barabbas and You

How to Cook a Good Sermon

God-conomics: God’s Strange Economics

Do you Delight in God?

Basic Mandarin For Sharing the Gospel

Females: Physical Object, Project or Person?

Worshiping Jesus

Recognising a True Leader, Priest and Prophet

How’s Your Lips?

How to Achieve Great Things Together

Tackling the “What can I get out of it?” Attitude in Churches

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Seven Signs in Chiangmai Mission Trip 2016

Friends that Stick Closer than a Brother

Lessons from the Olive Tree

The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas

My First Month in Theology School

Movie Review: The Mission (1986)

“Once to Every Man and Nation”

Why Do Singaporeans “Chope” Tables?

The Faceless Jesus

Mission Strategy: St. Patrick of Ireland

How to Use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Part I

How to Use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Part II

Facing the “Valleys” In Our Lives

8-Day Mission Trip Devotional [Free PDF]

Making Decisions Biblically

Missions: Going Glocal

“Are you not in error?”

How to Follow-Up Your Mission Trip Participants

The Importance of Carefulness 

Is Your Faith Implicit?

A Chinese John Wesley: John Sung

A Guide on Prayer (Watchman Nee)

Kubo and the After Life

Destined to Reign?

How to Be Used by God

Reclaiming Patriarchy

“Trouble will not rise up a second time.”

Understanding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Sunday-Monday Transition

Sleeping Child (Christmas)

Jesus. Jedi Master.

Reflection on 2016: Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him (Faith)

The Next Few Months (Haiku)

Reflections on Shepherding: “He makes me lie down in green pastures”

Pastoral Care: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Changing a Culture: Great Man or Great Network

Movie Review: Silence (2016)

Creation Care: The Lord of the Rings

Have Miraculous Gifts Ceased? – Wesley’s View

John Wimber’s 5-Step Model for Healing Prayer

Why Didn’t Jesus Activate the Divine Cheat Code?

“Today’s Problems Come From Yesterday’s Solutions”

Respecting the Elderly

Where do you Find your Strength?

The Cross (Cinquian)

Dancing with Great Abandon

Pope Francis’ Prayer for the Earth

My First Year in Theology School

“You are not to go back that way again”

God Wants to Dwell With Us

Parable: The Christian Tourist

What If We Ran a Church as a Company

The Secret Things Belong to the Lord

Parable: The Life of Pastor Harry

Saying Grace before a Spiritual Meal

Excellence in the Hidden Life

Staying Within God’s Sphere of Protection

Reflections: Methodist Young Leaders’ Conference (2017)

The Christian Atheist

Hair for Hope (2017)

“I sat where they sat”

Attending the whole church service

Is God Your Last Resort?

Perfect Imperfections

Movie Review: The Case for Christ (2017)

Focusing on the Main Thing

Spiritual Myopia

Being Generous Pleases God

Commentary on the Didache

Preaching like Bishop Dale Bronner

Praise Leads to Victory

List of Online Christian Devotionals

A Model for Inner Healing and Deliverance

You were Made for Such a Time as This

Happy New Year 2018

How to Find a Good Wife

The Thin Line Between Calling and Desire

A Word for the Weary

“We never imagined we could be free!”

Loving Special Needs Children

Arnaud Beltrame’s Heroic Exchange

Are you a Friend of Sinners?

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!

What I Learnt when I Fasted from Social Media

God’s Heart for Broken Families

Can You Really Do All Things in Christ?

God: “You are my Beloved Child”

Are You Scared of God’s Will?

Breaking Our Alabaster Jar

Poem: To Risk (William Arthur Ward)

A Parable: Doctor’s Remedy

How to Prepare the Way for the Lord

The Importance of Being with Jesus

Movie Review: Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

A Change of Clothing

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Learning from Epaphras’ Powerful Prayer

The Value of All Life

Is the Church Doomed to Fail?

Were David and Jonathan Homosexuals?

Why Anal Sex is Harmful

Preaching like Joel Osteen

Job’s Missing Advocate

Psalm 103: Why We Should Praise the Lord

“God, Can You Call Back Later?”

The Call

Hiroshi Mikitani’s Rule of 3 and 10

“I lost my leg but I found Jesus!”

A Discipleship Roadmap

Your Word for 2019: “You can drive them out.”

Singaporean Parable: Mr Chen and the Lost Student 

Obedience of the Recabites

How I Prepare a Sermon (for now)

Building God’s House First

Visit to Matteo Ricci’s Grave in China

A Faithful Friend

What To Do When You’re Wronged

Should You Be a Generalist or a Specialist?

Homosexual Behaviour is a Sin

Aquaman: “You are the bridge between land and sea.”

“The Son of Man came to Seek and Save the Lost.”

Know Your Limits

Sermon: The Three Marks of a True Disciple

What’s Up with all the Fancy Garments?

Danger and God’s Open Doors

The Art of Spiritual Dentistry

Love is a One-Way Street

God Loves to Work with Families

Jesus Doesn’t Need Your Fish!

Jesus: “Do you love me more than these?”

So Close and Yet So Far Away

Singaporean Parable: Mr Toh and his two Sons

The Power of a Quarter-Life Crisis

5 Reflections on 5 Months of Ministry


The Divine Exchange – Derek Prince

Dr Paul Meier’s Four Point Morning Prayer

Nine Marks of a Top-Notched Mission-Focused Church

Experiencing the Depth of Jesus Christ (Madame Guyon)

Book Summary: Sizing up a congregation

Book Summary: Does your Tongue need Healing? (Derek Prince)

The Bondage Breaker (Neil T. Anderson)

The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth (Peter Horrobin)

Book Summary: On Being the Antioch of Asia (W M Syn)

Book Summary: Why Johnny Can’t Preach

Article Summary: “Sticky faith: What keeps kids connected to church?”

Book Summary: That’s Not How We Do It Here! (Kotter and Rathgeber)

GROW model for Coaching

Book Summary: Out of the Maze

Book Summary: Seven Myths of Youth Ministry

Book Summary: Bored with God 

Book Summary: The Trellis and the Vine

Book Summary: The Little Book of Big Weight Loss

Book Summary: Motivation (Brian Tracy)

Book Summary: How to lead a great cell group meeting

Book Summary: 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders

Book Summary: The Youth Ministry Survival Guide

Summary: Reaching Millennials (Jason Dorsey)

Book Summary: Love Like That (Dr Les Parrott)

Book Summary: The (unofficial) guide to starting school right

Book Summary: 3-2-1 Following Jesus in Threes  (Dr Tan Soo-Inn)


南屏晚钟 (Nanping Evening Bells)

相思河畔 (Riverbank of Yearning)

几度花落时 (When do the flowers fall)

我有一段情 (I Have This Love)


A Beginner’s Guide to Worship Drumming

A Beginner’s Guide to Worship Flow

7 Basic Drum Grooves to Know

Easy Country Guitar Strumming


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