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Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting. I’m Seth from Singapore, a disciple of Jesus. I love to write, draw and play music in my spare time. After my bachelor studies in Biological Sciences, I studied a Master of Divinity in Trinity Theological College. Currently, I’m working as a Pastoral Staff in St. James’ Anglican Church with my main portfolio being the Youth Ministry. This blog is my outlet to unload my mind’s contents (not all of it or I’ll be brain dead) and I hope you find it as interesting as I find it too.

My passion is to “know Christ and make Him known”. It sounds like a Bible verse but it’s not. It’s a motto that’s been around forever. These are my twin aims (by the way I have a twin brother):

1. I want to help you know Christ better.

Richard Foster, in his seminal book “The Celebration of Discipline” begins with the statement, “Superficiality is the curse of our age.” I’m afraid it rings true in the church as well. Many Christians settle for too little, merely viewing Christianity as a “get out of hell” ticket. Jesus saved us for so much more. He saved us for an abundant rich life in Him.

2. I want to help make Jesus known.

Missions and evangelism is the heartbeat of God. David Livingstone, the pioneer missionary to deep Africa, said, “God had only one son and he made him a missionary.” I want to motivate and activate you to participate in making Christ known all over the world.

Thank you for visiting and please drop me any message directly to me in the feedback box.

Oh yeah, I have a twin brother with a cool blog too. Check it out HERE.

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