Book Summary: The Plate Spinner

Image result for The Plate Spinner: A little book for busy young adults (Dev Menon, 2014)The Plate Spinner: A little book for busy young adults (Dev Menon, 2014)

Work dominates our life. Hard to juggle all aspects of life – friends, family, spouse, children, self-improvement, exercise, church.

Symptoms of a Plate Spinner:

  • Perennial tiredness
  • lethargy
  • inadequacy
  • guilt
  • the daily grind
  • bitterness and despair
  • remorse and anger
  • wanting to quit

We are murdered by balance! There’s no such thing as a balanced life as it pulls us apart.

In our spiritual growth process, there’s a plateau called the wilderness experience of stress and testing where we either find rest or we quit. To be restful in Jesus is to commit the journey to him.

It takes time and space to enter a restful relationship with Jesus. It’s about a centered life on Jesus, not about having a balanced life.

When we are at a restful relationship with Jesus: The segments of lives format around Jesus, we know the why of life’s purpose and calling, different life segments integrate, seasons of life hold no threat, a better sense of personal identity.

You may need to change your life direction, career to make time and space in your relationship with Jesus. Once that relationship with Jesus is secure, your whole outlook on life and work changes.

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