Book Summary: Love Like That (Dr Les Parrott)

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Love Like That: Relationship Secrets from Jesus (Dr Les Parrott, 2018)

There are five concrete ways to help us love more like Jesus:

1. Be mindful – not indifferent – by seeing what others don’t.

2. Be approachable – not exclusive – by moving out of your comfort zone.

3. Be grace-full – not judgmental – by not limiting your love to people who deserve it.

4. Be bold – not fearful – by speaking truthfully and risking rejection.

5. Be self-giving – not self-serving – by emptying yourself for empathy.

We cannot love like Jesus without the Holy Spirit’s help. There are five ways to walk in the Spirit of Christ.

1. We need to open our eyes to become mindful of the Spirit in our lives. We need to pray: “Help me recognise you and learn your voice. I want to see you, moment by moment, in my life.”

2. We need to open our arms and invite the Spirit to live within us. We need to pray: “I welcome you into my life, even when I feel weary, and into this moment right now to show me how to love as you do.”

3. We need to open our hearts to accept how the Spirit is counseling us. We need to pray: “Guide me even when I don’t know what to say or do in this moment. I want to hear your truthful teaching even if it’s tough to hear.”

4. We need to open our mouths to boldly ask for the Spirit’s power within and through us. We need to pray: “Work wonders through me in this moment for this person I’m trying to love. Give me the power I don’t have to love this person the way you do.”

5. We need to open our selves by giving our lives over to the Spirit each day. We need to pray: “I want to surrender to my will to yours and depend on you to fill me with your desires and your motivations in loving others. I am dependent on you for loving others at the highest levels. I can’t do it without you.”

Connect with the Spirit daily through reading the Bible daily and praying. It gradually changes our lives and slowly shapes our heart. God is everywhere, even in the most common of places, when we quiet our minds enough to notice.

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