Summary: Reaching Millennials (Jason Dorsey)


Gen Z (aged 22/23 and below)

– Don’t remember 9/11 events.
– Gen Z process Great Recession – practical with money, saving etc.
– Parents are Gen X

Millennials (1977-1995)

– Older than you realise. Some are 40 now, not just 25 year olds.
– Delayed adulthood, historic markers are delayed (work, home, marriage)
– Not tech-savvy but tech-dependent

Gen X (1965-1976)

– Glue in the workforce
– Naturally skeptical, cos of divorce rates, AIDS epidemic etc.
– Parenting their kids and their parents
– Need Gen X retention for companies

Baby Boomers (1945-1964)

– Strong work ethic
– Don’t count them out! Very influential generation.

How can Boomers and Gen X work with younger gens?

– Every generation brings value to the workforce (and church!)
– First day and week at a job is very important. Gen Z decide from first day if they will stay long-term. So make first day good and welcoming for them.
– Give Mill, Gen Z specific instructions what to do and wear. Make short videos of what you want since they are used to learning things from YouTube.
– Provide more specific and frequent feedback. Not just an annual review!


– Millennials have more studies but less work experience
– Entering the workforce later leads to different expectations on how the industry works. They really don’t know and need guidance.

Distinction of Gen Z and Millennials

– Gen Z more frugal with money than Mill. They save money! Gen Z is looking for stability, benefits, ongoing tech-based training, more feedback from employers. Gen Z are fine with digital feedback, no need check-in feedback.

How can Gen Z work with older gens?

– Adapt to their communication style. Tell Gen Z to: Keep eye contact and take notes.
– Copy the communication preferences e.g. talking on the phone, adding fullstops in emails
– Communication depends on work type e.g. don’t send emojis for certain tasks
– Celebrating the differences means respecting them

How to reach Millennials

– Messaging. Want a unique experience, respected as individuals, not a one size fits all experience.
– Much more visual, very image-driven. Not photoshopped perfection but real. Make better videos. Authentic, raw, humanised videos.
– Outcome-driven. Don’t respond well to long linear process so show them the outcome first then work backwards then they’ll follow every single step.

How to reach Gen Z

– Purpose, having an impact on the world, give them a brand that they are willing to join and share about
– More diverse bunch

How to improve your organisation
– Create a generational snapshot. Break down organisation into a pie chart and track it by time. Need actual data not your perceptions.
– Understand what’s actually working.
– Understand what’s not working. Get multi-gen group to discuss, not just older gens. Each generation should share and suggest actions to take. Keep this multi-gen group dialogue going over the years.

Tell me what you think.

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