Book Summary: The little book of Big Weight loss

Image result for the little big book of weight lossThe Little Book of Big Weight Loss: 31 rules to live by (Bernadette Fisers, 2016)

After trying many methods and reading books, Fisers came up with her own strategy for wight loss. She lost 66 pounds in 30 weeks and now shares her secrets with us. You can find out more on her website. This is just a simple outline without explanations. Keeping a healthy body is important as we aim to serve God for the long-haul. Don’t let your unfit or overweight body hinder you from serving God overseas in rural regions that require tons of walking. Don’t die early or become handicapped by health issues as much as depends on you.

1. I don’t eat sugar, especially fructose

2. I mostly don’t eat processed foods

3. I don’t drink fizzy drinks or fruit juices

4. I drink plenty of water

5. I don’t buy diet or low-fat foods (those are high in sugar to compensate)

6. I seriously cut back on carbs – processed and refined (no white bread, pasta or potatoes)

7. I finish eating at 7 pm and don’t eat again until 10 am

8. I limit my fruit to 1 or 2 pieces a day. I eat the whole fruit, don’t juice it

9. I walk at least 10,000 steps a day or exercise 150 mins a week

10. I always read food labels

11. I eat whole foods

12. I drink coffee first thing when I wake up

13. I drink green tea over any other tea

14. I try to get 9 hrs of sleep a night

15. I don’t eat fast foods (usually)

16. I keep to a normal portion size

17. I limit my alcohol

18. I eat my leafy greens with a good fat

19. I always carry snacks

20. Prepare for your day/week

21. I listen to my body (stop eating when you feel full)

22. I try my best not to get stressed

23. I don’t believe conventional wisdom about weight loss

24. Hunger is not your friend

25. I handle my sweet tooth cravings

26. Don’t aspire to unachievable media perfection

27. Stop counting calories

28. Organic is not necessarily better

29. I use substitutes for white sugar (stevia)

30. Be kind to yourself and think positively

31. Celebrate your success and tolerate your plateaus

Tell me what you think.

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