Should You Be a Generalist or a Specialist?

From The New Paper article.

I hardly read sports news. Especially local football. But I came across an interesting story of a local teen, Nur Adam, who went to train at the famous Genk football academy in Europe. He normally played in certain positions but at the academy he was shocked that all the players were ambipedal (versatile in both feet) and could play any position. He said, “What surprised me was that all of them can play any position… It’s good to be versatile because coaches like players who can play any position.” These young players weren’t specialist yet so at the training phase learnt all the skills needed. Oh, and Nur Adam also mentioned hard working was key no matter what you do.

It got me thinking about ministry too. Should we be a generalist or a specialist? Should we just do youth work only? Should we do a bit of everything? I think in the early phase of our ministry, it is important to learn all the skills needed and expose ourselves to all areas of ministry. Thus the pastor (coach) can easily put us into different roles when needed. Later on in our ministry, we may realise our gifting in certain areas and choose to specialise. I think that those with a pastoral calling to the ordained ministry should be a generalist while those who prefer to be a church staff worker can afford to specialise early. Based on church size, it would be easier to be a generalist in a smaller church where ministry portfolio is broader and a specialist in a larger church where the portfolio is narrower but deeper. Oh, and hard work is essential.

Where is God calling to be and how will you prepare yourself for effective ministry?

Tell me what you think.

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