Book Summary: Out of the Maze

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Out of the Maze (Spencer Johnson, 2018)

Spencer Johnson wrote Out of the Maze as a sequel to his best-selling book Who Moved My Cheese. In the first book, it describes two men, Hem and Haw who ran out of cheese one day. Haw successfully adapts to change and moves out to find new cheese. Johnson picks up on this story by showing how Hem breaks free from his faulty mindset and escapes the Maze.  Sadly, Johnson passed away from pancreatic cancer. I shall summarise his book by extracting from his list on page 64:

The Way Out of the Maze

Notice your beliefs

A belief is a thought that you trust is true

Don’t believe everything you think

Sometimes “facts” are just how you see things

Let go of what isn’t working

You can’t launch a new quest with old baggage

Look outside the maze

Consider the unlikely-explore the impossible

Choose a new belief

Changing what you think doesn’t change who you are

There are no limits to what you can believe

You can do, experience, and enjoy a lot more than you think you can

This book tells me that the problem is not in the changing circumstances around us. Things will change. The problem is us. Will we change? Will we adapt quickly or allow certain beliefs to hold us back? Let us keep an open mindset as we advance in whatever arena we may be in – work, school, home, church.

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