Book Summary: Bored with God (Sean Dunn)

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Bored with God: How parents, youth leaders and teachers can overcome student apathy

(Sean Dunn, 2004)

Our ultimate goal is to draw young people to a place where they are walking intimately with God. Rather than living their faith through parents and leaders, it is imperative that they develop a spiritual hunger that keeps them running after God even when no one else is around. (pg. 17)

2. From self-righteousness to humility

Signs: Resistance to change, unrealistic self-images, lack of spiritual fruit

Solution: Prayer, humility, responsibility, tough love

3. Shaking up the familiar

Signs: Arrogance and disrespect, double standards

Solution: Be in prayer, be direct, be gentle, be patient, be authentic, be positive

4. Getting past excuses (instead of obeying God)

Signs: An open book, overly empathetic, low self-esteem

Solution: help them focus forward, dwell on the main thing,point them to God’s comfort, make them responsible for their own faith

5. Cleaning out their media filters

Signs: They never have time to invest in the things that really matter, live in a dream world, begin to idolise and imitate ungodly people and lifestyles

Solution: Don’t wait to communicate, remind them of their goals, remember to listen, do the research, encourage realistic evaluation, forget your own agenda

6. Drawing them out of seclusion

Signs: unhealthy self-perception, difficulty overcoming sins, loneliness, bottled emotions

Solution: Point out their behaviour, one brick at a time, fend off personal attacks

7. Helping them up after they have fallen

Signs: No energy for pursuing God, dominated by negative emotions, compare themselves to others unrealistically, avoid places where God might speak to them, attack others who are trying to live right, continue to fall hard

Solution: Don’t interpret their frustration as rebellion, love them, be vulnerable with them, concentrate on direction over perfection, teach them to pray God’s promises, speak hope

8. Teaching them to let go (of their rights and submit to God)

Solution: look to the future, paint a clear picture, talk about hypocrisy, follow the intent not just the rule, speak up and then let God work, pray first

9. No more squirming

Sign: They squirm to avoid facing God’s truth and conviction

Solution: Speak with conviction, show them who they are, keep chipping away, rely on the Holy Spirit to do his work

10. Igniting a passion for purity

Solution: Pray, recognise that repentance is needed, be bold yet loving, don’t talk about rules, present holiness as a cause

11. Healing and hope are on the way

A “generation of pain” due to divorce, abuse etc.

Solution: Pray, make the Bible the source, repeat yourself, encourage and comfort

12. Instilling security

Damaging attacks: False images in the media, wounding words that stick, comparisons, past failures, seclusion

Solution: Encourage positive self-talk, avoid teasing, point them to the Word,

13. Encouraging proper priorities

Find out what they spend their time on, what they talk about.

Solution: Ask God to give them humility and focus on God in their passions

14. Why do they graduate from their faith?

Some only live their faith when with friends until they leave to another context.

Signs: Instability, faithlessness, follower tendencies, lack of focus

Solution: Help them build a strong devotional life, affirm them, establish accountability


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