“I lost my leg but I found Jesus!”

I never met my grandfather (Tan Seng Kuan) before. He passed away when my father (Dicky) was just 19 years old due to diabetes. Below, is my grandfather’s testimony in October 1967 as recorded in Grace Baptist Church newsletter.  I pray it encourages you as much as it encouraged me.

A Testimony

Christ is grace! In the church the messenger of the Lord delivers living words from the Bible that are food for me to digest and water to quench my thirst.

I came to know about Jesus while in school. The only person of Scripture I could remember and recite well then was the Lord’s prayer. But this portion gave me peace of mind. It has also taken me through bitter experiences and handicaps to awaken my inner-self to accept Christ, my Saviour. This urge comes from within my heart after many years of wandering.

My strength often fails me. But the Lord knows my need. I thank the Lord that I am now saved and have been baptized into the fellowship of the church. My next desire is to attend church service. I did not dream that I would be able to walk such a distance to church, but the Lord has helped me. He gives me encouragement in spirit and in strength.

Mr. Tan Seng Kuan

Editorial Note:
Mr. Tan, the father of Dicky, is a man who had passed through trying experiences, and would have every reason to be disappointed in life.

About two years ago, owing to an infected toe, Mr. Tan had one of his legs amputated. He was confined to bed for a long time before returning to work with his crutches on. Then, gravely enough, before six months had elapsed his vision began to fail and he was once again hospitalised. The doctors discovered that he was suffering from diabetes. Finally, after many excruciating months, he was discharged from the hospital with the diabetes under control but his vision impaired. Added to those two tragic experiences came the shocking notice from his employers that, owing to his handicap and ill-health, his employ at the Army Department had to be terminated. Being the sole bread-winner this news was indeed too appalling for him and his family.

Praise the Lord! For, in the course of these happenings, Mr. Tan has found the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

“The weight of your testimony is measure by its impression upon others.”

Testimonies display the finger of God. Many tests in my grandfather’s life led to a wonderful test-imony. My grandfather and father were true-blue Anglo-Chinese School boys who heard Christian devotions and messages. However, my father was the first believer in the house and attended Grace Baptist Church. Meanwhile, my grandfather was a devout Buddhist who only received Christ after his illnesses. There is a wonderful phrase that my grandfather was known to say:

I lost my leg but I found Jesus!

After my grandfather’s conversion, he became a devout Christian till his death in 28 March 1969. Hallelujah! Jesus still saves. It is truly a joy to know the Christian heritage that influenced the future generations. I truly believe the faithfulness of our ancestors brings God’s blessings on future descendants. God blessed the kings of Judah not because of their actions, but because of David’s faithfulness. Many times I wonder why God has blessed us so much now and I believe with all my heart that it is due to the faithfulness of the previous generations.

Jesus came this Christmas as a baby to give us hope. Even as death, pain, illness and suffering plagues us this Christmas just as it plagued my grandfather, we need not fear death any longer. Jesus came as a baby, grew up as a man and died for our sins on the cross. He conquered death once and for all.

Jesus died for you and me so that we can be reconciled to him. My grandfather accepted Jesus late in his life but what a joy he found in his remaining years. Will you accept Jesus as your Saviour? If you have, will you tell others of this hope we have in Jesus?

Tell me what you think.

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