Why Anal Sex is Harmful

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I read a book supporting the homosexual lifestyle recently and the author said, “I cannot discern what harm is prevented when gay Christians are forbidden from consensual relationships and committing themselves to life together.” (Aw, pg. 56) Is it really true that homosexual sex is not harmful? I’d like to refute this claim based on the design of human bodies and how God intended us to have sex.

A medical website has noted that there are several harmful effects of anal sex. Anal sex leads to a higher chance for sexual infections, tissue tearing and bleeding and pain. The anus, in God’s design, is for excrement and not for penetration. A cursory comparison of the structure and physiology of the female vagina and male anus shows that the vagina is God’s intended method of sex (thicker tissue wall to sustain penetration). In contrast, anal sex causes pain to the receiving homosexual as the anal tissue has many nerve endings. Additionally, as the anus has an anal sphincter to contain feces in, it is tight. Thus, shafting in a penis through the tight anal muscles causes pain. Repeated anal sex can lead to a loosening of bowel function.

Isn’t that causing harm to another person? On the other side, the giving homosexual has a higher chance for sexual disease due to the high content of bacteria in the anus. Both parties involved in the homosexual act are harming one another. God in his wisdom chose not to allow that. Theologically, the penis and vagina are sources of life while the anus is death. Life must meet life. Anal sex is Death and Death. Of course, the website recommends using protection and lubrication so that anal sex is not so painful. But it only goes to show that it is not God’s natural intention for sex. Humans have perverted a beautiful gift within the boundaries of marriage and used it in unnatural ways.

Tell me what you think.

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