List of Online Christian Devotionals

Related imageIt’s good to feed on the word of God daily, whether it be 30 mins or just 5 mins. I’ve compiled various online Christian devotionals and will offer my comments. There are a few key elements that I consider when I look at a devotional:

  • Scripture passage: Preferably a short passage and not just one verse as it can often be taken out of context.
  • Sharing: This should analyse the verse/passage and carefully draw out the lessons from it. It should end with application, something simple that we can put into practice.
  • Closing Prayer: This doesn’t need to be long but prayer is important. Even if a devotion doesn’t have a prayer, you can reflect and pray the devotional lesson
  • Bible reading plan: It’s important to cover the whole Bible. Feeding off just one verse keeps you spiritually malnourished.

1. Our Daily Bread (ODB)

Scripture: Covers a short passage. ✓ 

Sharing: Simple sharing that always starts with a story. I find ODB too shallow for me and caters mostly to younger Christians. Pretty short and sweet. It has online audio too for those who prefer to listen. ✓ 

Prayer: Yes ✓ 

Reading Plan: Yes ✓ 

Overall Rating: 3.5/4

2. Nicky Gumbel’s Bible In One Year (BIOY)

Scripture: Covers three passages (Psalms, OT and NT). Might be too long for some but it covers the Bible in one year if you follow the plan. ✓ 

Sharing: I enjoy Gumbel’s expository style that analyses the passage very thoroughly and accurate. He comes out with new devotionals every year so the devotions is not repeated. He has online audio where he reads the devotion in his warm British accent! ✓ 

Prayer: He has a short prayer that borders on meager. ✓ 

Reading Plan: Yes. ✓ 

Overall Rating: 4/4

3. Rick Warren’s Daily Hope

Scripture: It mostly looks at one or two verses. 

Sharing: The writing style is simple and engaging. Application questions are excellent. ✓ 

Prayer: None 

Reading Plan: None 

Overall Rating: 1/4

4. Ray Stedman’s Devotional

Scripture: Passage of scripture that progresses through the Bible orderly. ✓ 

Sharing: The sharing is deep and thoughtful. However his vocabulary might be difficult for some. ✓ 

Prayer: Yes ✓ 

Reading Plan: None 

Overall Rating: 3/4

5. Joseph Prince’s Daily Grace Inspirations

Scripture: Just one or two verses.  

Sharing: Simple sharing with application. ✓ 

Prayer: None  

Reading Plan: None  

Overall Rating: 1/4

6. Chuck Swindoll’s Devotional

Scripture: Short passage.  ✓ 

Sharing: Swindoll’s sharing is excellent but rather lengthy. This could be due to the adaptation of his article into a devotional. Thus, it might be truncated.  ✓ 

Prayer: None 

Reading Plan: None 

Overall Rating: 2/4

If you use other Christian devotionals that you find enriching, do share it with us.

Tell me what you think.

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