Is God Your Last Resort?

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In life, it is good to make plans whether it be long-term or short-term goals. But what happens when it doesn’t go the way we want it to? Do we have a back-up plan? Do we have a back-up of a back-up plan? A sudden illness might change your plan to save up money for an early retirement. A job retrenchment might cause you to downsize your apartment. A low grade means you won’t make it into the course of your choice. What do you do then?

There was a king whose life was threatened by a deadly injury. What does he do? Let’s see:

One day Israel’s new king, Ahaziah, fell through the latticework of an upper room at his palace in Samaria and was seriously injured. So he sent messengers to the temple of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, to ask whether he would recover.

2 Kings 1:2

Ahaziah, whose parents were the notorious Ahab and Jezebel, immediately turned to consult a pagan god. This is similar to consulting a Feng Shui specialist, a fortune teller, a horoscope or a Ouija board. God is not pleased when we turn to demonic divination (Deut 18:10). I can hear you saying, “I don’t do that!” Fine. But we’re not scot-free yet. I think the issue is who do you turn to when life doesn’t go the way you want it to? Do you treat God as a last resort? Ahaziah immediately thought of god but not the right One. Anything that we believe can save us from our troubles becomes our god.

God wasn’t happy with Ahaziah. The narrative continues:

But the angel of the Lord told Elijah, who was from Tishbe, “Go and confront the messengers of the king of Samaria and ask them, ‘Is there no God in Israel? Why are you going to Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, to ask whether the king will recover? Now, therefore, this is what the Lord says: You will never leave the bed you are lying on; you will surely die.’” So Elijah went to deliver the message.

2 Kings 1:3-4

“Is there no God in Israel?” appears three times in the chapter. God was grieved that he was not sought first. Do we make the same mistake of turning to other sources to save us rather than the Saviour? Let’s turn to God everyday of our lives, whether in good times (thanksgiving) or bad times (petitions). God loves you very much. Will you run to him?

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

2 Peter 5:7

Tell me what you think.

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