Attending the whole church service

In church, it is a common sight to see latecomers straggling into services. Some leave early during the closing song or after taking Holy Communion. They may have their reasons but from a liturgical standpoint, it short circuits the worship experience.
What is worship? Worship is not the only part where we stand to sing worship songs or hymns. The whole service is worship – greeting, prayer, sermon, communion, benediction. It can be argued that our entire life should be a worship to God, but that’s another issue.

When people come late or leave early, they miss out on experiencing full worship. Also, what does it imply to our family or other church members? Does it imply that church/God is not that important? That it’s okay to leave earlier if the kids need to rush for tuition? It’s okay to come late since the first part is just “singing”?

Let us honour God with our time and attention by staying for the whole church service.

Tell me what you think.

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