Hair for Hope 2017

I went bald today. It’s the first time I’ve participated in Hair For Hope 2017. HFH aims to raise awareness and funds for children suffering with cancer. These kids often need to undergo chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells but as a side-effect lose their hair. Another side-effect is getting weird stares and being ostracised by “normal” kids.

By shaving bald, I can hope in some small way to emphathise with these kids. If you would like to support this worthy cause (especially if you can’t bear to lose your hair), do click on this link HERE and support me. It doesn’t need to be a big amount. The thought counts! I am so encouraged that many friends came to support us today.

There is a special type of cancer that resides in us all. The cancer of “sin”. Sin are the wrong things we do that separate us from God. Sin stays within us and unless treated, we will die. Not just physically but spiritually!

But there is a remedy. The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ died for us. He died and rose again to life so that this sin cancer will be eradicated. By believing in Jesus, your sin cancer will be eradicated. Don’t you want to be cured of this disease that we were born with? If so, pray this prayer:

Tell me what you think.

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