What If We Ran a Church as a Company

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I know that a church is different from a company. We cannot run them in the same way but increasingly, we see terms overlapping. For example, “servant leadership” has gained traction in companies. However, I sense little of leadership and management theory crossing over to the church. If all principles are God’s principles, can’t we learn something from them too?

In my Methodist conference, there is form of tenure for pastors as they are ordained from Deacon to Elder. Once they reach Elder, their job is pretty much secure. Some view reaching Elder as the pinnacle to strive for and once it has been attained, lose all motivation to shepherd the church well.

Think about a company. No one is safe from being fired regardless of how high your position is. Once you slack off, the boss’s eyes are on you. Once results are low, your job hangs in the balance. If you continue to under perform, you’d probably get fired. Someone with higher drive and potential takes your place. In the business world, they don’t mess around with poor performers. It keeps you on your toes.

I wished this also be applied in the churches. If a pastor is slacking off, ill-disciplined and lost the heart of service, the conference should just sack him. A pastor has lots of influence, good and bad, over his flock. Imagine the amount of lives that can be destroyed by a pastor! It would be better to get rid of him. Being an Elder should not be a permanent or safe zone. Some pastors have been black marked and no church wants them. I suggest we just fire these pastors rather than forcing them to a church. The church must then continue paying their salaries (some hefty due to seniority) while not being fed spiritually.

In the corporate world, there is much motivation to improve your skills. The world is constantly evolving and you need to adapt or die. Workers have to keep learning and improving to stay ahead in the business. If you don’t learn, you become obsolete. And probably out of a job.

I see few pastors who constantly improve themselves. They don’t attend bible studies or learn new skill sets. I suspect that they fear their congregation’s dismay that they lack in some area. Admittedly, we all are a work-in-progress and need to constantly learn new things. Pastors are no exception. In fact, they may show an example to their flock that one never stops learning. Pastors must learn to be humble and learn from others. No wonder some don’t know how to lead, run meetings, counsel or disciple others. They have stagnated and have nothing new to give the flock. The flock then leaves the church for greener pastures.

We need an overhaul. God will call us to account for the way we have ordained leaders over His flock.

Tell me what you think.

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