The Christian Tourist (A Parable)

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Charlie died and went to heaven. When he reached the pearly gates, St. Peter was standing at the entrance with a large book. He said, “Please wait while I check your name Charlie.”

Charlie knew this was the book of life. He knew his name was inside. Peter frowned and shrugged. “I’m sorry your name is not inside.”

Charlie gasped in horror. “There must be a mistake. I have a church membership for the last forty years! I served on the board of elders and went on many mission trips.”

Peter rubbed his beard and flipped through the huge book again. He sighed. “Your name isn’t here. Are you a citizen of the kingdom of God?”

Now Charlie was furious. He stamped his foot angrily and said, “I demand to see your manager.”

“My manager?” Peter asked. “You mean King Jesus? Are you sure?”

“Yes. I pray to him everyday. He knows me.”

Peter whispered to an towering angel beside him and a few seconds later, the pearly gate opened. A bright light caused Charlie to cringe in fear and trembling. A glowing figure appeared and in a thunderous voice said, “You have been a tourist in my kingdom, not a citizen.”

Charlie was still cowering in  fear, his strength all gone in the awesome presence of Jesus. He mumbled softly, “A tourist?”

“A tourist looks only to be entertained. He does not want to leave his old country to become a citizen of my kingdom. He wants to enjoy my gifts but retain his life in the old country. Every Sunday you come to church, but the rest of the week, you forgot me.”

“The old country? What country?” Charlie asked, shading his eyes from the glory.

“You remain a citizen of the kingdom of hell. You were merely a tourist in my lands. Though you claim to know me, I never knew you. Take him away!” Jesus commanded the angels to bring him away where there was everlasting torment, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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