Book Review: A Sense of God and A Feeling of Heaven (Robert Kee)

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Robert Kee’s book is an inspiration for all Christians. He’s a normal regular joe but God put it in his heart to do something to help the poor and the orphans. Thus, in this book, he documents his journey of how God called him from being a workaholic to find greater meaning in life. He has started orphanages in Cambodia under Operation Hope Foundation.

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The key purpose of this book is to:

“bridge the gap between Sunday sermons and what happens on Monday.”

Robert challenges us to do more than be a “good” church member who attends Bible study, ushers, attends prayer meetings or sings in choir. A more “chim” (difficult) phrase would be:

Orthodoxy must lead to orthopraxy. 

Or in normal English, Joseph Prince says:

Right believing leads to right living.

The Bible truths must lead us to truly love our neighbour when we hit the real world. There must be congruence between what we know and what we actually do. If we say we love God, we must love others. Many say they love God but don’t love others. Just look at number who go for mission trips versus nice holidays in your church. Can they be considered true disciples of Jesus? Are you willing to live out what you believe and to help the poor? How else would they know the love of God?

“If it is true that Scotland has no more sons, I will pack up tomorrow and be off to the shores of Ganges and let the people of India know that there is one poor old Scotchman who is ready to die for them! ”

Dr. Alexander Duff

One of the lessons I learnt was, “What is a call”? Robert defined it as “a persistent thought that would not go away. A thought that is Christ-centered and nudging one to go on an unknown quest to obey and serve his purpose.” Throughout the day, his mind would be roiling with thoughts of how to help the poor through projects and other ideas.

Does your heart get warmed by a certain group of people? Does it cause you mental and emotional distress if nothing is done for them? Do certain ideas keep bubbling in your mind? Maybe God is purposely and gently persuading you to make a decision.

Helping the poor is not always about giving money. Sometimes, money can be an excuse from doing anything that could cost you physically, mentally or emotionally. Give yourself first! Allow me to conclude with a beautiful quote by Mother Theresa on loving others:

“Let us not be satisfied just by giving money. Money is not everything. Money is something you can get. The poor need the work of our hands, the love of our hearts. Love, an abundant love is the expression of our Christian religion.”

Tell me what you think.

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