Book Review: Live Smart (Dan Dumas, 2016)

In Dan Dumas’s book, Live Smart, he teaches wise living for youths in regards to four relationships: God, Others, Self and the Gospel.

His writing style is simple and engaging for youths who want to get a broad base of ways to live wisely. However, it would be too superficial for older people, even young adults. Also, he skims the book of Proverbs too lightly and the lessons can be rather common sense.

I would suggest this book only for youths or new Christians. It is a short read and not meaty enough for further spiritual digestion.

What I liked

Look for THIN mentors:

Time: Able to make time to meet you regularly.

Holiness: A godly person you respect.

Imitation: Look for someone imitable.

Need: Person who can meet your need.

Be a FAT mentee:

Faithful: Be dependable

Available: Make time to meet, sacrifice.

Teachable: Be humble to change. (p. 71)

“I love the church because Jesus founded it, died for it, and loves it.” (p. 40)

“Sin makes you stupid.” (p. 104)

“A true friend will not stab you in the back, but he may hit you in the face.” (p. 111)

“A professional sermon listener is a ‘hearer’ only.” (p. 113)

“You want to build a rock-star reputation in heaven? Then start engaging in gospel business.” (p. 134)

Tell me what you think.

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