“Are You Not in Error?”

The Sadducees came to test Jesus about the resurrection by giving a ridiculous hypothetical situation. Jesus corrected them immediately:

Jesus replied, “Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?”

Mark 12:24

There are two areas that the Sadducees did not know: 1) The Scriptures and 2) the Power of God. Don’t think that these Sadducees were just ignorant! Today we can make the same two errors in our spiritual life.

1. Not knowing the Scriptures

The Sadducees didn’t know that in heaven, there would be no marriage. I’m not sure which Scripture attests to that fact but Jesus expected them to know it as a religious leader.

Right knowing leads to right living. That’s why we need to be grounded in the Bible to guard against errors, both from wrong interpretations and false teachings. Are you reading your Bible daily? Do you have a personal study of the Word? If not, you may be in danger of errors.

2. Not knowing the Power of God

The Sadducees didn’t believe that God resurrected the dead. They didn’t think it was possible in their version of God. Jesus soundly correctly them that God was powerful enough to raise the dead.

Similarly, we often limit God to how we perceive him to act. You may think miracles or gifts of tongues and healing have ended. You may think your situation is hopeless, beyond redemption. Wait, haven’t you boxed God up to what he can or cannot do? If you haven’t realised, God can do anything he wants!

Remember the time Jesus couldn’t do many miracles in his hometown? It’s not because he couldn’t. The people simply didn’t think he could.

And [Jesus] did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

Matt 13:58

What do you think about the power of God? Does God act in a certain way that you believe? It might be time to ask God to surprise you.

It Isn’t “Either/Or” but “Both/And”

As Christians, we need to know both the scriptures and the power of God. It isn’t” either/or” but “both/and”. There is danger if we neglect one over the other.

1. Legalistic: Overemphasis of the Scripture over the power.

2. Hyper-charismatic: Overemphasis of the power over the Scripture.

Each area should be wedded to the other. Scripture must be combined with God’s power to affect our entire spiritual life.

Tell me what you think.

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