Book Summary: The Attack Lambs (Mark Geppert)

In this book The Attack Lambs: Prayer that Changes the World, Mark Geppert covers the basics of spiritual warfare. He has travelled as a missionary to many countries and prayed against the spiritual forces. I will only highlight the main points that spoke to me.

  • Basic Prayer in God’s will: That every man, woman and child will have an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their saviour in a language they can understand.
  • Our strength is from the shepherd Jesus. Our job is to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • The gates of hell will not prevail. This means that hell is on defense and we are on the offence. We need to attack and claim the victory.
  • W-I-N: Worship, Intercession, Neutralise enemy
  • The right question is not “How can I fulfill God’s will?” but “Am I available to be used of God?”
  • The lie is that the Devil is superior or equal to Jesus. He’s not! Jesus is vastly superior.
  • We are be gap standers between man and God. Pray wherever you are for the people around you.
  • All successful Christian endeavour comes from an attitude of worship.
  • We neutralise the enemy through the name of Jesus. Declare it.
  • 4 Prayer Areas: More workers, Open doors, Fruit, Finances
  • 5 Pressure Points in a City: Government, Education, Commerce, Communication, Places of Spiritual activity

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