Book Summary: Tough Truths – The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About (Deirdre Maloney)

Tough Truths – The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About

(Deirdre Maloney, 2012)

The Truth About…

#1 Your politics? Politics are everywhere.

Practice politics. Work a relationship with everything you’ve got and see what happens as a result.

#2 What others think about you? Great leaders aren’t liked very much.

Know that being successful means not everyone will like you, but you’re still a good person anyway. In fact, you’re a great leader. So hold your head high no matter what others say, and focus on those who are on your side.

#3 Your stories? Nobody will find you as interesting as you do.

Remember that your stories are not as interesting to others as they are to you, so keep them short and compelling, then turn your focus to the other guy. Do it today.

#4 Your fear? Every single person, even the greatest leader out there, is afraid.

Trust me that everyone is afraid. Resist letting yourself feel lesser than those who are successful because they appear to be fearless. They’re not. They are just as scared as the rest of us. They just have the gumption to do the tough stuff anyway. Let yourself do the same.

#5 The guy next to you? Someone is always watching.

Next time you are tempted to roll your eyes, huff and puff at a meeting or fidget at a networking event, resist. Someone’s watching you.

#6 Your energy? Great leaders diligently protect their energy.

Cut something out of your life that sucks the energy out of you. Add something in that boosts it. Both of these might very well be people.

#7 How you feel about yourself? Great leaders possess supreme, undying confidence.

Figure out where your greatest insecurities lie, what is keeping you from taking risks. Then do something to fix it, do something great and give the credit to everyone else.

#8 Your reputation? Great leaders never, ever talk trash.

When you want to talk trash about someone today, resist with all your might. Then know you stand out from the pack.

#9 Your hunger? Great leaders know what they want and go after it relentlessly.

Pay attention to something new that interests you or what you envy about the lives of others. Then take one aggressive step towards it.

#10 The way you communicate? Great leaders insist on excellent, pristine communication.

Don’t let one email go out or tell one story that isn’t excellent in its grammar and content. Insist on perfection for one day and see how others pay attention.

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