Book Summary: 7 Laws of Spiritual Success (Selwyn Hughes)


God has built into the human personality spiritual laws that are as certain and reliable as those we have discovered in the natural realm.

Law 1: First things first

Put worship of God before work for God.

– Write down how you could give the worship of God its rightful place in your life and church.
– Teach new Christians the importance of worship before work.
– Are there problems connected to your attitude to the worship of God?
– Describe God to each other.

Law 2: Count your blessings

When you dwell on what you have, rather than what you don’t have, you are drawn to health.

– Thank God for everything that he will turn it to good.
– Think of 3 people who have been influential in your life and write letters of thanks to them.
– Keep a notebook to record good things that God gives you.
– Plan into your prayers that you thank God for common, special and spiritual blessings.

Law 3: Keep on keeping on

Those who keep on keeping on and never give up will find their souls fortified for the task. They will not only find a reward at the end but on the way to that reward.

– Is there an area of life that you have given up? What is one thing you could do to put things right?
-How much do you read the Bible? How could you increase your knowledge of God’s word and reduce doubt?
– Is there a promise of God that is special to you? How can you use that to persevere in hard times?
– Make a list of things you do for God. Write down what might cause you to give up, and how you can find strength to persevere.

Law 4: Remember to forget

Spiritual health and success depends on our ability to forget the hurts and injuries that others have given us – not to have them erased from memory but to deal with them in such a way that we are not emotionally overwhelmed by them.

3 step plan:
1. Focus on how much you have been fotgiven by God
2. Deal honestly with any lingering resentments that maybe in your soul.
3. Ask God to help you forget.
– I there anyone you have crossed off your list because of some hurt they have done you? Ask God to show you one thing you could do to begin forgiveness and reconciliation.

Law 5: Give yourself to others

Being more interested in others than in yourself is called in Scripture the law of love.

– List 3 things you do (job, church, family) and ask God to help you assess the motives you have for doing those things.
– Is there someone you have stopped loving because of the hurt they have caused you? Before God, decide on one thing you can do to begin to love again.
– Read Mark’s gospel and learn from Jesus, the Servant King.
– What practical thing might you do in the next few days to begin to bless others and show God’s love?

Law 6: Stay close to God

Where there is no genuine repentance, there can be no ongoing and developing relationship with God.

– Is there something you need to repnt of?
– We do people a disservice when we try to make it easy for them to enter the Christian life. We must ensure repentance is needed.
– Plan times alone with God for confession. Ask Holy Spirit to help you turn away from sin daily.

Law 7: Cultivate your soul

Though God is the one who designed the soul, it requires care and husbandry on the part of the human being being who possesses it, if it is to grow and develop in the way it should.

– How often are you able to be alone with God? Plan to increase the amount of time, and to give that time priority in your day.
– Can you think of 3 ways in which you could increase the quantity and quality of your Bible reading?
– Start a notebook to record prayers and answers.

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