Females: Physical Object, Project or Person?


There are three ways that I’ve found of how males view females. And our view can vastly affect how we treat the fairer sex.

Genesis 1:27
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

In the beginning, God created us perfect. But sin destroyed it and all relationships have been destroyed. Our views of females have been distorted. Let’s take a look.

1. Physical object

Females are lovely creations from God because they conplement us so well. Their shapely bodies, curvy breasts, softer facial features attract us guys. They turn guys on sexually.

And that’s good. God created our sex drive and intended sex for our pleasure. But sin corrupted us. Some guys see females as a chunk of meat to be devoured sexually. Just a physical object to be used.

Unfortunately, that deviant desire has fueled the porn industry with guys getting kicks out of watching females do disgusting acts for the sake of “pleasure”. Movies also promote the idea of easy, no-strings-attached one night stands. They portray females as a piece of meat to be exploited much like using a vacuum cleaner or a car.

2. Project to be worked on

Let’s say you don’t treat females as objects to be used. You appreciate them. The next type of view I call as treating a female as a project to be worked on. It’s like teaching a child how to walk. Or like chipping a marble slab to make a beautiful statue. We guys are constantly giving advice to improve her character or looks to a perfect standard in our mind.

In a sense, this view point isn’t much better than treating her as a piece of meat! Think about it, when you’re trying to mould her into a certain person, you’re doing it for yourself. You want her to please you.

I must admit that I sometimes fall into this trap. I get obssessed into making them into a certain type of person, rather than appreciating who she is right now.

3. Person to be enjoyed

The only right way I believe is to treat a female as a person that God has created. Neither as a physical object to be used, nor a project to be worked on, she should be a person to be enjoyed.

Simply put: Enjoy her.

Enjoy all her totally as she is right now. Enjoy her strengths, her weakness, her likings, her dislikes, her weird habits, her physical appearance, her character.

Enjoy her.

Love her for who she is in the present. Don’t demand her to change. Don’t exploit her body. No matter how old a woman is, I think there’s a little girl crying out inside for someone to love them.

How do you want to treat females? As a physical object, a project to be improved or a person to be enjoyed?

Tell me what you think.

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