“They did not inquire of the Lord”


Have you ever been fooled by appearances? The Israelites were certainly fooled by the Gibeonites. God had asked Israel not to spare any nation that was within Canaan, nor make peace treaties.

The Gibeonites, knowing their destruction was nigh, dressed themselves as poor distant travellers. Convincing the Israelites with their torn clothes, mouldy bread and expired wine, a peace treaty was signed.

The land of the Gibeon was out of bounds now. Israel lost that part of that area that was supposed to be for them. What can we learn from this event?

The first question is why Joshua and the leaders were tricked? This is the reason:

Joshua 9:14
The Israelites sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the LORD.

Joshua did not inquire of the Lord! It is tragic that Joshua inquired of the Ord before attacking Jericho and Ai. Maybe he got complacent. It is easy to be fooled by our eyes and rational minds. We assume we understand the situation or problem so well, we don’t need God’s help this time.

Guess what? You’re wrong. You need God’s help all the time. You think that cute girl loves God but after you’re so deep in the relationship you realise she isn’t even a Christian. You invest your money in a scheme that promises extraordinary returns, but after a few months, you money has disappeared.

Next time when you’re making a decision, ask God for wisdom. Don’t rely on your human understanding. Often God lets you suffer the consequences of your decision. So tread carefully!

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