Fireside Chat with my Pastor


Today I had a chance to have a ‘fireside’ chat with my pastor and he opened my mind to the realities of pastoral service. I’ll like to share them with you.

1. Being a pastor is a calling

The minute you see pastoral work as a job, you give your bare minimum to get through your work. You tend to squabble and give up once the going gets tough. A true pastor sees it as a calling from God that cannot be abandoned halfway or carelessly handled. Service for God is a lifelong journey.

2. Being a pastor is about service

Do you know why a pastor wears a white collar? I thought it was like a dog collar, with church members holding the leash. I was terribly mistaken. The collar represents being yoked with Jesus. To be a servant to all. In addition, the pastor sometimes has a cloth around his neck that represents Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. Similarly, the pastor is not to assert only authority but humble service like Jesus. In modern companies, the boss commands people but in the church, the pastor serves people.

3. Being a pastor is about providing vision

The pastor has to provide leadership and vision to the congregation. Maybe a goal to aim for this year. Without a goal, the church activities would be rather aimless.

4. Serving God is an offering and privilege

Many people fail to serve God correctly because they have the wrong attitudes. One attitude is ‘I’m sacrificing my time and money’. How can we actually compare our sacrifice to Jesus’ sacrifice for us? We can’t. Indeed, out of what Jesus did for us, all we can do is show our gratitude as we serve him and his children. This is a high privilege and must be viewed as such or we will give up the minsitry of God when we are tired and discouraged.

Tell me what you think.

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