Give of your best to the Master


Upon the call of God, many people say:
– “I’ll serve God when my career is stabilised.”
– “I’ll serve God when my children has started working.”
– “I’ll serve God when I retire.”

And most never serve eventually. They never leave their job or step out of their comfort zone to serve God. They have pushed God’s call to the back lines like a faded box of old toys in the storeroom.

I wonder how many have lived to regret not fulfilling their calling. It’s so easy to ignore God and do what you’ve always done.

But in the end, what have you really accomplished of eternal value?

What if youths thought about their studies in terms of kingdom effectiveness? Instead of just choosing any course, choose the studies that you could use to minister later. Don’t think of what could make the most money. Think of what could make the most impact.

I also wonder how many young adults meander through the dense concrete jungle of work, aimlessly moving as the years roll by. These are the best years of our lives and few would give it up for God’s work. In the name of uncertainty, instability, many dare not take the risk.

I’ll say not fulfilling God’s call is even more risky. Jesus said it best:

Mark 8:34-36
And calling the crowd to him (Jesus) with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

Lose your life for Jesus’ sake and the gospel and you will gain life. I dare you to use your best years full of strength and vitality for Jesus.

Don’t give Jesus your leftovers when you can give your best right now.

May the immortal words of this old hymn ring in your heart and mind till you fulfill God’s call right now. Don’t delay or you might never get to it.

Give of your best to the Master;
Give of the strength of your youth;
Clad in salvation’s full armor,
Join in the battle for truth.

Will you obey God’s calling right now?


Tell me what you think.

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