Dr Paul Meier’s Four Point Morning Prayer

1. ‘Lord, help me to become more like you today.’
Because of this simple prayer, I am able to fix my eyes on Jesus. If anything goes wrong that day, I can thank God, even in the middle of the problem, because I know it will help me accomplish the desire I prayed for that very morning, to become more like Jesus.

2. ‘Lord, help me to serve you today.’
My goal is not for personal gain, but for God to reach out, in love, through me that day to ‘dance with the world’ in some way that will bless at least one person.

3. ‘Lord, help me to stay out of trouble today.’
I know I am a sinner, fully capable of sins of omission or commission. But all sin hurts somebody, God, others or me, so I really do not want to yield to the temptation to sin.

4. ‘Lord, help me to learn and grow from whatever may go wrong today.’
I expect to lead a normal life and all normal lives include some setbacks, failures and crises. I expect to suffer one or more disappointments each day. When most days go by without one, I consider those bonus days.

(Taken from: Growing Stronger, Mary Woll and Paul Meier, 2015)

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