The Sin Virus


I came across a very interesting analogy of what sin does. In fact, sin’s activity has been likened to a virus. Biologists might understand this example better. I know I did.

Sin may be likened to a virus, and the good to a health cell.
Much research is now going on concerning the nature and makeup of a virus. Some believe it is a bridge between the living and non-living. A virus contains DNA, that necessary genetic code of all living organisms, but it has no sugar or fat molecules, nor does it possess nucleotides or amino acids. It can play dead like a crystal for a long duration.

Upon being revived, it fastens to the wall of a living cell like a mosquito, driving a tubular shaft in and injecting its own DNA genes. These genes take over the total function of the cell, gathering free-floating nucleotides and produce copies of the original virus. The virus even secretes an enzyme which breaks down existing cell DNA and uses this for itself.

When several hundred virus DNAs have been assembled, the cell is milked dry. Then the original virus (outside the cell wall) secretes a final enzyme which dissolves the cell wall.

An army of virus particles march forth, each seeking new cells to invade, leaving behind the empty broken husk of what had been, an hour before, a healthy, living cell. The operation is simple, ruthless and effective.

Therefore, sin disguises itself as and connect to the good.
– Harold Willmington, Doctrine of Sin

I might add my own analogy here just for fun.


Bacteriophages(Greek for bacteria eater) are able to kill viruses. Phages look like spiders and are much smaller than viruses. They work by integrating their genome into a healthy cell’s genome (think of it as a bodyguard). When viruses invade, phages are produced quickly to destroy the viruses from infecting the cell. Similarly, when a Christian believes in Jesus’ work on the cross, the sin virus has been destroyed and further attacks of sin can be retaliated from now onwards.

Tell me what you think.

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