The Dangers of being a Domesticated Christian


Did you know that if a lion from a zoo is released into the wild, the odds of survival is only 33%? This stems from several facts:

  • It doesn’t know how to hunt for food since food is always provided
  • It lacks the fear of humans and thus are more easily killed by vehicles or hunters
  • It is more susceptible to diseases in the wild due to less exposure to its native habitat

Conclusion: The skills lions learn in zoos do not help its survival in the wild.

This is not an article about captive-bred animals but I’d like to draw a similarity to the church. Many lessons taught in church (the zoo) do nothing to help the Christians survive in the real world (the wild). And that’s a shame because the Bible is the best book in the world on practical living.

What is missing in Bible teaching is connecting the Word of God with our daily lives. Unless the truths of the Bible are transformed into something concrete that we can apply to our lives right now, it remains sterile. We need lessons that relates to our life outside the church, which altogether takes up 99% of our time.

This calls for teachers or preachers to examine their material to look for ways to apply the Word of God. We are in the business of teaching to change lives. I’ll end with this phrase: The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation.

Tell me what you think.

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