Reading the Bible with Imagination


I love Spongebob Squarepants. He’s a simpleton who has a certain charm to everything he does. In one episode, he and his best friend play in a cardboard box without anything else. They go on amazing adventures just using their…imagination! Curiously, Spongebob was on to something powerful. He can teach us a lesson about using our imagination when we read the Bible.

Engage your mind when you read the Bible. Let the words come to life in the eye of your mind. I remember a time during my youth when reading the Bible became boring and lifeless. It was just a bunch of events that happened thousands of years ago that meant nothing to me now. The creation of this world or the ten plagues in Egypt were as dry as toast bread. Maybe that’s why many people stop reading the Bible.

How can we make the Bible alive for us? Imagination.
Let me give you an example.

When you read about Moses and the burning bush, close your eyes. Imagine an 80 year old man dressed in dirty robes squinting across a dusty desert plain. See the bush, crackling with fire. Feel the curiosity and trepidation of Moses as he approaches the bush. Hear the voice of God thundering as he tells Moses to take off his sandals for this was holy ground. Visualise the rod turn into a slithering snake or Moses’s hand become white as snow. And so on.

It may take some effort but I promise you: Kicking your imagination into high gear could transform your daily Bible reading and hopefully, your life. You are immersing yourself into the thrilling stories of real people and real events. You’ll feel the tension and pain when Jesus was tortured, interrogated and finally bleeding to death on the cross.

Another way to activate your imagination would be to watch movies about Bible stories. Movies such as Son of God or The Ten Commandments. Though inaccuracies might abound, it does give us fresh eyes of the Bible events that transpired.

To summarise, as you read the Bible, don’t just see the words on a page. Imagine them unfolding real time in your mind. You’ll be amazed how often the God of the past will be as real to you in the present.

Won’t you start imagining today?

Tell me what you think.

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