George Stott (One-legged missionary to China)

George Stott was an effective missionary in China in the mid 1800’s. Wikipedia describes his life in detail but I shall highlight some things about his life that bears interest to you.


His wife Grace said this about George’s loss of his leg and his missionary calling. Both events are intimately related.

“Mr. Stott had been brought up to farm work, but when he was about nineteen years of age he slipped on the road and knocked his knee against a stone. This simple accident resulted in white swelling, which, two years later, necessitated the amputation of the left leg. For nine months he lay a helpless invalid, and it was during this time that the Lord graciously saved his soul. So far he had been careless and indifferent to the love of God in Christ Jesus, but now, in his helpless condition, and what seemed his ruined future, how precious that love became! After his recovery he began to teach in a school, and had been thus employed several years when he first heard of China’s needs through a friend, who himself was going out.”

This amazing account shows that God uses our situation to lead us where He wants us to go. Only after George lost his leg did he have a close relationship with God. In your times of greatest weakness, God displays His unlimited grace and power.  When you feel helpless or useless, then God can use you even more because the Bible says that when we are weak, then we become strong.

Don’t be put down by bad experiences in life or you might miss the blessings just behind it. God can turn your situation to His advantage and bring you further than you imagined.

If George didn’t lose his leg, he never would have become closer to God. He never would have been a missionary to China. What a motivation he is for all of us. In spite of his artificial leg, he had this to say:

” I do not see those with two legs going, so I must.”

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