“You can’t get home if you haven’t been safe”


I saw this quote quite some time ago on a police banner and it pricked my imaginations. It certainly made sense. The police are implying that we reach home safely because of their vigilance to protect us at all times.

Well, not at all times but most of the time. Especially in Singapore where crime is not an extremely rampant affair. It got me thinking about God. We tend to run to God once things go wrong but when everything is all right, smooth-sailing, we forget the Giver.

The difference between the police and God is that He is present everywhere we go. Even a little sparrow falling does not escape God’s attention. What about us? How much more God cares for us! If only we knew what would happen if God’s mercy and protection were taken away just for a second. Maybe a slip and fall? Heart attack? Car accident?

Let’s not take God for granted. Praise God when things go well, when life appears dreary and plain. Thank Him constantly for His love. Tell Him, “I love you heavenly Papa”. See each day, each moment as a miracle. The miracle of God’s love and grace to us, His children.

2 thoughts on ““You can’t get home if you haven’t been safe”

  1. The quote can also be read as “you can’t get home if you haven’t been saved”. We can’t get to heaven if we do not believe in Jesus shedding His blood for us on the cross. It is by grace that we have been saved!

    Thank you for this reminder of thanking God for giving us every moment to enjoy His presence and love. As busy bees, we are too often caught up in our daily lives to thank God properly every day. All that we are given are from Him!

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