Cleaning our spiritual ears


Recently my right ear had a stinging pain which I guessed was due to ear wax. I couldn’t hear much and it wasn’t easy to listen. Sometimes we forget how wonderful our hearing is till our ear gets clogged up. Thank God for your healthy body every morning when you wake up!

My brother helped apply ear drops which is oil that softens the ear wax. After a few days of doing that, it was time for the washing. My father used a syringe and flushed my ear with warm water. I held a small cup against my wear to collect the water. I was so happy when the ear wax was broken and flushed out.

Now my right ear hears everything super loud. And my left ear seems to be not as clear as I thought it was. It set me thinking. How do we set our standards of living? By our own standards or God’s? We have to listen very clearly to God’s word and make sure we aren’t missing anything. And if we are, we better clean our clogged lifestyles. Then can we reach our God fashioned destiny.

Tell me what you think.

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