Book Summary: How Can I Know Who to Marry

I would like to share a small booklet How can I know who to marry with you. It has truly revolutionised my life.

In it are 5 solid biblical principles on finding a marriage partner drawn from the story of Isaac and Rebekah. Please download the PDF and read it yourself. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to read it.

Photo credit: 古 天熱 (Flickr)

As a closing thought, the most important is not saying “I do” at the wedding altar but saying “I do” to our marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ first. Without Jesus, any relationship we have will be meaningless and unfulfilling. He is the bedrock of any marriage and spiritually ties man and wife together.

I’m not saying that non-Christian marriages will suffer and disintegrate. Christian marriages, sadly do too.

Marriage is difficult.

But we can make it easier when we rely on Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Book Summary: How Can I Know Who to Marry

  1. Would to God more people follow the Biblical instructions for marriage and family (Minus Adam and Eve’s goof up~~~understatement of all time!) I’ve seen too much evidence of the mess people can make of their own lives, AND the lives of their kids, when they think they can make their choices, minus God’s help.

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