Rocks Bands that you didn’t Realize were Christian

I was super shocked looking at this list. I won’t spoil it but one of them is a popular heavy metal band. I don’t really agree with every band though.

Some bands want to churn more cash by outright claiming they’re not Christians music. Bigger market. A recent one is Switchfoot. But there’s no such thing as a secret Christian.

Mark 8:38
If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”

Hopefully next time you flick on the radio or play a CD, check out the lyrics first. The meaning is important. Music really has the power to invade lives. Sadly, people recall the lyrics of songs better than John 3:16.

But don’t judge a band by its cover!

3 thoughts on “Rocks Bands that you didn’t Realize were Christian

  1. “If you deny Me before men,….” I remember working at a bakery with a girl who was an atheist, and one day, we’re listening to a radio station that turned out to be Christian. Sadly, we were about four songs in before I REALIZED it. That doesn’t bode well for the station. Anywho, I told Sarah we were listening to a Christian radio station and she didn’t believe it. The next song that came on convinced her and she changed stations.

    But how bad is it when the WORLD can’t tell when a song is Christian. If a non-Christian can’t tell the difference then, chances are, there isn’t much of a difference. That’s sad. I recall days when you COULD tell the difference right away! Unfortunately, ‘Christian’ stations are trying to be ‘seeker friendly’. “We want to tell people, but we don’t want them to be ‘OFFENDED’. Then how are you going to tell them anything? As the saying goes, “PICK A SIDE AND STICK WITH IT!”

      1. It was definitely a lyric issue. A line or verse mentioned GOD specifically, instead of saying “YOU” , like it’s a romance song. So that finally convinced me, and then Sarah that it was a Christian song. But it’s wacko these days! I remember one ‘Christian’ song that was a direct lift from Paul McCartney’s BABY, I’m Amazed. They did it, “MAYBE I’m Amazed”.

        And, on (?) Frances Swaggart has a show called Frances and Friends, where she did one show on Rock music in the church. Well, the stuff that was playing at a Youth Night wasn’t even trying to be Christian. But it was a mix of secular and Christian…at a CHURCH event. And some of the Secular stuff got pretty raunchy! How do kids listen to this and then try to worship? It’s like having idols in the house of the Lord. Then, and Now, it’s WRONG, but it’s happening.

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