Write as a good legacy for your children and grandchildren to read books that you’ll not be ashamed of one day.

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This is my most viewed, commented on, and discussed post of all time. Figured I would post it again.

A few years ago, I picked up a Stephen King novel (I can’t even remember what it was titled) and tried to read it. It was the first time I had the desire to read one of his books. There were so many F-bombs in the first two chapters that I just could not continue. I put it down and haven’t picked up one of his books since that day. Writing fiction is about telling a story, bringing characters to life, and entertaining the masses with a great novel. I get that, I truly do. And I know what the world is like and how ordinary people talk.

I’ve just decided that I don’t need that kind of language in my own novels.

It is a personal choice, and I’m certainly…

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7 thoughts on “Why I Write Clean (Re-post)

  1. I know the feeling. I like the stories, over all, but the F-Bombs are just too much. I felt like England during WW2. One F-bomb after the other. So I finally had to call it quits. Shame, too.

      1. Exactly. That’s why I’m ultra picky about movies these days, I’m not shelling out $12.00 of my hard earned money to be sworn at. I can do that on the bust (bus) and it only costs $2.50. Ha, ha.

    1. I was trying to figure out bust word! Thanks for clarifying. We hear enough cussing and swearing everyday. We don’t need more of that. But it gets ingrained into us if we’re not careful. Hope you have a rejuvenating rest soon!

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