7 basic drum grooves to know

Photo credit: Flávio Serpa (Flickr)
Photo credit: Flávio Serpa (Flickr)

As a followup to my previous post on worship drumming, I realised it’s all words and no music.

Solution: I found a video that presents 7 basic drum grooves that can be used most of the time. Indeed, I learnt some new grooves too. Happy drumming!

For those without music theory, here are some notes.

Every bar is split into subdivisions like a pie or pizza.

1 bar = 4 beats = 8 quarters (1 and/ 2 and/ 3 and/ 4 and) = 16 notes (1 e and a/ 2 e and a …)

16 notes are the maximum you’ll be playing in a worship setting. No drum solos allowed!


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