Book Summary: God is a Matchmaker

I’ve been intensely reading Derek Prince’s book on Christian dating and marriage and it is a fantastic read. I’m now going through the text again with a fine tooth comb. Peppered with solid biblical advice, it contrasts with other “Christian” dating books that come across as pick-up guides with Jesus thrown in. In case you girls out there are thinking it’s a guy’s perspective book, no worries. His wife Ruth shares her unique experience and advice.

God is truly interested in all the details of our lives and believe me, He will weave a beautiful love story for us if we trust Him fully. Don’t settle for any less than God’s best for you.

I’ve kindly added the book God is a Matchmaker (Derek Prince) for you to read and I hope it blesses you. I’ll be sharing more of what I’ve learned as I put them into practise.

The main principles that Prince shares are:

1. God Himself initiated marriage at the beginning of human history. Man had no part in planning it. Without divine revelation, man cannot understand it, much less make it a part of his experience.
2. The decision that the man was to marry proceeded from God, not from the man.
3. God knew the kind of helper that the man needed. The man did not.
4. God prepared the woman for the man.
5. God presented the woman to the man. The man did not have to go in search of her.
6. God ordained the nature of their life together. Its end purpose was unity.
7. Jesus upheld God’s original plan of marriage as binding on all who would become His disciples. It is still in force today.

Tell me what you think.

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