3 Stones You Must Know to Reach Your God-Given Destiny

Photo credit: mariejirousek (Flickr)
Photo credit: mariejirousek (Flickr)

God leads us through the thick and thin of life. Just read my testimony to see how God started work on me as a baby. I want to share the various stones in our lives that can build or crush us.

1. Mile stone. Our successes. Don’t get proud, don’t take long breaks. It’s interesting how Nobel Prize winners lose their drive after they get it and don’t achieve much after. When you reach a milestone, celebrate, thank God and then keep on going.

2. Stepping stone. Our problems. God allows problems and adversity to train and teach us. To make us more like Jesus. If only we view problems as stepping stones. Some don’t and let problems overwhelm, becoming a tomb stone for them.

3. Tomb stone. If we neglect the mile stone and stepping stones God brings, it will become our tombstones. The end of all learning. Behind every problem or success, are lessons waiting for us to grasp. Don’t make it your tombstone. God wants you to overcome and become like Jesus, the greatest stone.

Jesus is “‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.”

Acts 4:11 (NIV)

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