Why none of my friends use WordPress

Photo credit:  Thomas Hawk (Flickr)

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk (Flickr)

I did a recent check with my friends on Facebook and out of 300 of them, less than 5 of them use WordPress. That’s pretty shocking. Maybe it’s just in Singapore where we try not to be too vocal.

That got me thinking: Why use WordPress and blog at all? Most of my friends give up after a while due to lack of time for maintenance and blogs eventually die in the neglect graveyard. Or perhaps a refusal to reveal about your personal life?

I mainly see blogging as a tool to reach out to people using Social Media. Another reason is that no one listens to me in real life! Thankfully, that’s not true. Bloggers aren’t lonely “emo” people hunched behind their computers all day.

There is a great opportunity for blogs to reach people you would never meet in your whole lifetime all around the world. And blogs could last beyond your own short existence in the matrix they call the Internet.

Imagine the potential impact, knowledge and blessings you could bring to the world. That’s why I try to write uplifting posts, useful posts and not just fill it up with complains or whining. Whining is ok, but must be sandwiched between good news regularly.

Lastly, I think blog writing is rather therapeutic. It forces you to unleash your emotions and put them into words. Bottled up emotions can be a dangerous thing and I’ve found blogging a fantastic way to express them. Hope it does for you too!


4 thoughts on “Why none of my friends use WordPress

  1. Hi Seth; First off, love the theme. I haven’t written on a chalkboard since high school!

    I think I’m with most people as far as blogs. It’s a lovely idea, but finding the time is a real bear! When I’m not working, I’m helping my mom around her place (cleaning,etc) and I have a research project I’m working on.

    I have a wish-list as long as your arm, building up in my head, and maybe I should jot that down. I’m also thinking of having one site (blogger) for stories, and this one for venting and dealing with things. Problem is, WordPress has had a bad history of losing my password. There’s another item to add to my TO DO list.

    Ironically, I booked Friday off from work so I could carve out a few hours of ME time; which includes finishing the draft of a letter I’m writing to J. W. friend., hoping to share Christ with her, in bite-sized pieces. Saturday, I’ll be shopping and cooking for the work week. Sunday; Church, mom. Home for a few more hours of personal time. How manage to make the time as a student, I wish I knew. PLEASE share your secret! Do you have a 26 hour clock? However you do it, I’d LOVE to learn! I want to write…. I want to spend HOURS just sitting and scribbling…and maybe I will on Friday. I don’t know HOW it happens, but the time goes and I look back and find I’ve done very little I wanted to accomplish.

    Now to the GOOD news, ….ONE thing I have done to give myself back some precious hours…. I’ve turned OFF my Google Plus chat . Last Sunday afternoon was utterly wasted on the silliest chat session with a friend. Fun at the time, but I didn’t accomplish anything. By the time I finished chatting, I was so cranky from the wasted time, that I couldn’t even bother writing anymore.

    I also decided that I should be writing any posts as documents first. That way, if I accidentally erase it on the blog, I can copy and paste, and back it goes. Then, there are other things that are calling on my time.

    Can I borrow your 26 hour clock? :D

  2. Hi Gillian, I like this new theme too! Problem being, in the previous theme, archives were hidden in a top bar. Most users would not bother to click there so I needed a theme where everything is displayed.

    You have such a busy life! I wonder how it must feel to be you. It’s nice that can book a day off on Friday for yourself. I try to write when I feel a need to say something interesting or useful. Usually, there’s always something to write about, it’s just a matter of perspective in the seemingly ordinary things of life.

    A venting blog could work for you if it helps you manage. For example, the nice comment you just wrote could be a blog post in itself! It was 377 words, longer than my own post of 252 words. Think how long you took to write that. You can totally write Gillian!

    God only gave us a 24 hour clock! I normally write short posts that takes around half an hour. If it works for you, set a weekly wordcount goal – start with a simple 500 words this week.

    • Yup, I’m busy. This weekend, HOPEFULLY (esp Friday) will give me a bit of down time. One of the things I plan to do on Friday is go to Tim Horton’s or 2nd Cup and scribble happily away, as I sip And, on Friday night, fingers crossed, I’ll post to my blog. I have an idea that I want to put down for future reference. Here’s to hopin’!

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