Living an exceptional life – Jim Rohn

A wonderful talk by motivational guru Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn (Wikipedia Commons)
Jim Rohn (Wikipedia Commons)

My summarised outline is just after the video if you haven’t got time to watch. I strongly advise you to.

My favourite quote (not from this talk though):

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.


Jim Rohn – Living an exceptional life

It is a time for unprecedented opportunity

Keen competition gives you worldwide opportunities

How to be prepared for them:

a.Have more than one skill

Rohn’s skills: Milking cow, getting customers, finding good people, organising – getting people to work together, promotion and recognition – be so busy giving recognition you don’t need it yourself, Communication – Language words (Use it for Training, Teaching, Inspiring)

b.Learn more than one language
Every language you learn, gets you extra cash
Give it as a gift to your children too. Let them learn more.

c. Learn the simple economic formula for everyone
We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace or people
2 parts of value: The one you bring (product) and the one you become (yourself)
Go to work on yourself harder than you work on your job. Working on your job gives you a living. Working on yourself gives you a fortune.
Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person

5 simple ideas that increase your value to the marketplace:

Each person’s income is determined by his philosophy not the economy.
Work on yourself to become valuable.

1.Personal Philosophy (What you know)
It’s a guidance system that tells you what to do
The more we learn, the better the guidance. This is based what we learn and know.
Helps us see the dangers and avoid it and see the opportunity on the other side.
The game of life is to minimise danger, maximise opportunity.

How to learn more:
1. Learn from personal experience. Negative experiences can be positive. Wakeup call in your 1st heart attack will make you change your lifestyle to prevent a 2nd one that will kill you.
If you change, everything will change for you.
2. Learn from other’s experience. Learn from their failures.
Always keep a journal. Don’t trust your memory. Write your idea down.
3. Learn from what you see (pay attention), What you hear

Read all the books you need to


2. Your attitude (How we feel)

4 things about how we feel:
1. About the past.
Make it useful. Don’t live, carry the past. Use it as your mentor.
2. About the future – Inspiration
Decide what you want(Goal),Write it all down.
3. About everybody
Each of us need all of us, and all of us need each of us.
4. About yourself


3. Your activity (What you do)
Turn ideas into reality
Activity is the work,labor pain as it produces new life.
Labour – 6 days labor and 1 day of rest. If we rest too long, the weeds take the garden.
Activity finishes the miracle.
Imagine the possibilities.
Have faith to believe they are possible for you.
Imagination and faith must result in activity


4. Learn to measure progress
How are you doing?
Life expects us to make measureable progress in reasonable time.
Reasonable time: Reflect at the end of the day and end of a week
Success is a numbers game
Children take one year for one grade only. Longer is not good.
Don’t linger more than “one year in one grade” for your career, life.
Face the truth so you can get better.
One of greatest motivation is progress.


5. Lifestyle
Learn to live well
Essence of life is learning to live a good life.
Productivity:Produce to the max as you can.
Andrew Carnegie: Spend 1st half of my life accumulating money, spend 2nd half giving it away.
What’s got you turned on?
Have good friends: Best support system. Collect and nourish it. Friends who know you and still like you.
Know your heritage
Your spirituality: Study, practise, teach


Take special care of the inner circle.
Take care of the details that make it special.
Make sure the mailbox is not empty.

Tell me what you think.

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